Random musings

Although the calendar indicates it is Spring it has been very chilly here.  I’d like to be able to take walks outside but its too chilly for my liking.

*In the Land of Lincoln/Honest Abe, we have the most corrupt elected officials.  For decades the General Assembly failed to pay in its required portion for state/public employees pensions. Now the shortage in the 5 state systems is almost $100 billion.

Yet the state reps and senators are playing the blame game saying public employees pensions are “too generous”.

I don’t know what they’re smoking but I make around $$ 27K and my pension is not exorbitant.  Working 3 days a week as a legislator, getting a pension and health insurance and not having a limit on how many terms you serve is exorbitant.

That’s all I want to say now!

Hey y’all!!!  This is my first attempt at writing a blog.  Today’s entry won’t be long.

Ugh; winter is my least favorite season of the year.  Spring and fall are my favorite ones.  With spring comes a sense of new growth and possibilities.  I love fall because the leaves on the trees turn colors that are visually appealing.

We haven’t had much snow in Central Illinois this winter.  I would just like one big snow storm so I can stay inside and veg out.  And where work gets closed because there is so much freaking snow that it’s hard to drive in.  Oh well, maybe next year.